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Avg Daily Volume: 2,501,586    Market Cap: 2.71B
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     THIS QTR:   EPS:      .05/share     REV:  181.9/M
     LAST QTR:  EPS:       .04/share     ACTUAL: .07/share  (BEAT)
     NEXT QTR:  EPS:       .08/share     REV:  188.2/M
     FULL YR:     EPS:       .38/Share     REV: 762.2/M

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PRIOR ‘JUMP ZONE’ MOVES (LAST 3 QTRS %) 9.87, 12.57, -9.9



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18 Oct, 2020 @ 14:38 by Yahoo! Finance

Hidden Value Stocks issue for the third quarter ended September 30, 2020, featuring an interview with Rowan Street Capital’s Alex Kopelevich explaining why he sold his position in Box Inc (NYSE:BOX). Rowan Street Capital’s Alex Kopelevich On Why He Sold Box Inc The September 2019 issue also featured an interview with Alex Kopelevich, the founder of Roward […]

It hasn't been the best quarter for Box, Inc. (NYSE:BOX) shareholders, since the share price has fallen 12% in that…

NEW YORK, July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wall Street Reporter, the trusted name in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and insights from leaders at ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW), Box (NYSE:BOX), NexTech AR (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) and CrowdStrike Holdings (NASDAQ: CRWD). Cloud-based collaboration and video connectivity are rapidly transforming large and small enterprises, education, healthcare, and government agencies. Wall Street Reporter highlights tech leaders comments and insights from recent earnings and analyst calls.ServiceNow, Inc. (NYSE:NOW), CEO Bill McDermott: “On Journey to $10 Billion in Cloud Revenue \- Destiny to Become Defining Enterprise Software Company of 21st century”“The world is experiencing a seismic shift from the obsolete business process evolution to the new workflow revolution. CXOs are using the Now Platform to create new workflows or new value chains, transforming experiences across siloed systems and functions across the entire enterprise. ServiceNow is the strategic authority for workflow. We are trusted sea suite innovator. We multiply the value of existing technology investments. We deliver exceptional time to value, and our customers understand the business continuity and resilience that the Now Platform enables. Driven by these factors and many others, we couldn't be prouder of our very strong Q2 performance. We beat expectations, beating consensus and guidance and became a $4 billion run rate cloud company. We're raising our topline and operating — and free cash margin guidance for the full year for 2020. We are delivering safe workplace product innovation in two-week cycles, helping our customers succeed and keeping their employees healthy and safe in these unprecedented times.”“ServiceNow is a growth company. We are becoming even stronger on our journey to $10 billion in revenue and beyond. We remain totally focused on our ambition to be the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century. We're helping our customers solve for once in-a-generation challenges, even as they capitalize on the opportunities of digital transformation because we offer one platform, one data model and one architecture. Customers see the Now Platform as a smarter way to workflow…Our overarching focus is clear: innovating for customers as we scale ServiceNow to $10 billion and beyond. Our strong management team and our 12,000 employees will enable us to achieve our bold ambitions.”“We're leading the workflow revolution, which leads the future of our business. Now workflows on the Now Platform. The opportunity has never been greater. We will fulfill our purpose to make the world of work, work better for people. We’re hungry, we're humble and we're taking nothing for granted. We’re on the move to our destiny to become the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century.” ServiceNow, Inc. (NYSE:NOW) Earnings Call Highlights Available at: AR Solutions (OTC: NEXCF) CEO Evan Gappelberg: “$150 Billion Tradeshows & Meetings Market Being Displaced by Virtual & Video Meetings”In a July 23 presentation at Wall Street Reporter’s “Next Super Stock” livestream investor conference, CEO Evan Gappelberg and President Paul Duffy, shared with investors how NexTech, video conference and AR solutions are displacing the $150 billion tradeshow and meeting market. Up for grabs is the digital transformation of the global trade show market. Paul Duffy gave investors a live demo of the InfernoAR virtual meetings platform, showcasing it’s revolutionary Augmented Reality features, along with actual use cases by large enterprise, and government users.Watch live demo video:, educational institutions and governments are turning to video conferencing and virtual meetings, such as NexTech’s InfernoAR platform. NexTech’s InfernoAR video conference platform which boasts Augmented Reality tech features, provides the large scale, secure, meeting solutions these enterprises demand. In his presentation, Gappelberg describes how NexTech revenues are now accelerating with increasing velocity of new customer wins.On July 30 NEXCF announced a new contract with Ryerson University to provide InfernoAR Augmented Reality Remote Learning Solutions, with an initial focus on first year Chemistry, Biology and Physics students from the Faculty of Science at Ryerson and enable over 5,000 students to participate in rich, collaborative AR enhanced learning experiences during the Fall and Winter Terms. Ryerson University of Toronto, Canada has over 46,000 students.TODAY: July 30 NexTech (OTC: NEXCF) is sharing a special livestream investor presentation highlighting it’s InfernoAR platform for EdTech – click here to join: July 27 NEXCF announced that it has priced its prospectus offering, raising up to C$15,000,000. The offering will be conducted on an agency basis for the issuance of up to 2,307,692 units of the Company at a price of C$6.50 per Unit. The unit’s consist of one share of common stock, and a half warrant exercisable at C$8.00. The Offering is being led by Mackie Research Capital Corporation as sole agent and sole bookrunner.On July 22, NEXCF reported preliminary Q2 2020 results: Revenue increases +133% to $3.5 million. Gross Profit increases +171% to $2.1 million with a 60% margin.On July 8, NEXCF announced it has filed to up-list its shares to NASDAQ.On July 13, NEXCF announced new collaborative video conferencing solutions addressing the Telemedicine/Healthtech and Edtech markets. The new video conferencing features will integrate collaborative classroom learning, one to one networking and traditional video conferencing directly into the platform letting users seamlessly launch and manage both collaborative experiences and large audience events directly from InfernoAR. This new capability addresses the global Edtech market expected to hit $345 billion by 2025 (according to Business Insider) and the fast growing Telemedicine market which according to Statista was valued at some $45 billion U.S. dollars. NexTechAR (OTC: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) NEXT SUPER STOCK July 23 Conference Presentation available at: July 30 NexTech (OTC: NEXCF) will be delivering a special livestream investor presentation highlighting it’s InfernoAR platform for EdTech – click here to join:, Inc. (NYSE:BOX) CEO Aaron Levie: “Box is Powering Secure Remote Work for Enterprises of All Sizes – Modern Cloud Platforms for Organizations of The Future”“While there is an undoubtably significant economic disruption in many sectors right now, there is also an unmistakable sense that this is an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation. Organizations are now beginning to re-factor how they operate for the 21st century, eliminating paper-based processes, automating manual workflows and creating new digital customer experiences…. This future will be built on modern cloud platforms and that's where Box comes in…”“Nearly 100,000 customers now rely on Box to power secure collaboration in critical processes across their businesses. And Q1 highlighted how important Box is to our customers and just how much of a transformational impact we can have. Just to give you a few examples. As we announced, in the quarter, the USDA recently chose Box to power the organization's secure remote work initiatives and help digitize operations within its 2,500 farm service centers across the country. Vistra Energy, which produces electricity for nearly 60 power plants across the country for five million customers leveraged Box along with our tight integrations with Slack, Zoom, Office 365 and G-Suite to quickly and smoothly transition teams to remote work. And Box enabled General Electric to keep employees connected both to each other and to their customers while also keeping them secure on more than half a million connected devices.”“Over the past few years, we have methodically been building the category defining cloud content management platform focused on three key differentiators, frictionless security and compliance, seamless external and internal collaboration and workflow and world-class integrations and APIs that extend the value of Box into any application…We are entering a “new normal” for business and we are in the best position to help our customers emerge stronger than ever…Our Q1 results demonstrate the progress that we have made and we believe that by powering secure remote work for enterprises of all sizes, we are positioned well for further executing going forward.”Box, Inc. (NYSE: BOX) Earnings Call Highlights Available at: Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRWD) CEO, George Kurtz: “Remote Workforce Driving Increased Demand for Cloud Security””We believe work from home and digital transformation are sustainable trends for our business. It is mission critical to protect workloads irrespective of where they are located on or off the corporate network. We believe these trends have helped increase our leadership in the security cloud category that we pioneered. And third, we continue to win new logos as companies are rapidly pivoting away from on-premise legacy technologies and moving to cloud-native architectures that provide prevention, visibility, and control on a single platform. Additionally, the competitive environment has evolved to our favor as market share of the incumbents continues to erode.”“The security challenges associated with a remote or hybrid workforce are best solved by a cloud-native platform that aggregates and analyzes data in the cloud, operates at web scale, leverages network effects to produce superior outcomes, and importantly is easy to deploy and simple to manage on a fully remote basis. This describes the security cloud, a new category that we have pioneered. Because the Falcon platform is cloud-native and our lightweight agent does not require a reboot, customers can easily and remotely deploy, manage, and protect their workloads at scale irrespective of where their employees are located.”“We continue to displace Symantec customers for a lot of the reasons that we have talked about in the past, people are looking for platforms and they are looking for technologies that actually work and stop breaches. Ransomware has been a huge driver and signature-based AV is really not capable of dealing with sophisticated ransomware…In today’s environment, if we think about the healthcare community, the last thing anyone would want would be a ransomware attack in the middle of the pandemic… So, that’s one. Two is on the next-gen players. Again, we spent the time and effort to build the platform out from the ground up, right. It’s the same Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, CrowdStrike. We don’t have an on-premise version, because that’s not our model. So, lot of our competitors built on-premise versions. They try to move it to the cloud and call it a cloud offering. Their data is still on each endpoint. The value is being able to aggregate this data at scale, which we figured out with our threat graph. And effectively that creates a data mode plus the module expansion allows customers to add more modules not agents. And even our next-gen competitors, they still have three and four different agents because of their acquisitions. So people want something that’s simple, want something that works and want something that’s future proof and ultimately stops the breach.”CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRWD) Earnings Call Highlights Available at: Street Reporter (Est. 1843)Wall Street Reporter (Est. 1843) is the leading financial news provider, focused on giving investors direct access to CEO's of promising, publicly-traded companies, and market experts. www.WallStreetReporter.comCONTACT:WALL STREET REPORTER(212) 871-2057 ext

Box, Inc. (NYSE: BOX), a leader in cloud content management, today announced the addition of intelligent, automated classification to Box Shield, the company’s advanced security solution for protecting content in the cloud. Leveraging advanced machine learning, Shield can now automatically scan files and classify them based on their content, helping businesses detect and secure sensitive data without getting in the way of work.

23 Jul, 2020 @ 21:15 by Yahoo! Finance

The cloud-based storage expert will offer new features powered by Google Cloud before the end of the year.

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