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The following stocks are the next JUMP targets we are planning to trade. They were chosen because they meet the fundamentals of our trading protocol and the upcoming earnings news catalyst is likely to move the stock between 5-20% post release. To conduct further research on the financials, analyst views and pivot points visit the  INSIDE MOLE RESEARCH TOOL The Jump Report Analysis is based on modeling studies using our predictive intelligence tools, research and analysis along with our opinions of the move. The Trade Plan presented in the Jump Report how we intend to trade this event based on the analysis. As a self-directed trader you are always in control and may choose to take a different approach based on your own research and analysis. These are all very high risk trades and if you do decide to trade them (manually or via the auto-trader) please do not risk money trading that you can not afford to lose. See all risks and disclaimers in your agreement before trading. When a Jump Report is published the page icon will show red. They are arranged in order of release date with the top being the next event.

Note: These events may be changed or substituted at the last minute due to market conditions or at the discretion of StockJumpers. Check for end-of-day updates and revisions in reports