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Avg Daily Volume: 8,490,778    Market Cap: 123.88B
Sector: Services    Short Interest: 3.61


     THIS QTR:   EPS:     1.04/share     REV:  5,250/M
     LAST QTR:  EPS:       .56/share     ACTUAL:   .60/share  (BEAT)
     NEXT QTR:  EPS:     .81/share     REV: 5,560/M
     FULL YR:     EPS:     3.23/share    REV: 20,200/M
*These are the base metrics we will be watching against the actual release numbers


PRIOR ‘JUMP ZONE’ MOVES (LAST 3 QTRS %) -11.62, 2.58, -4.6


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In this article, we discuss the 10 best aggressive stocks to buy now according to hedge funds. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip and click to read the 5 Best Aggressive Stocks to Buy Now. An aggressive stock can be defined as high performing above average companies that experience rapid growth in terms […]

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Netflix shares touched an all-time high on Wednesday after the company delivered another impressive earnings report. Despite record subscriber growth in 2020, which was aided by the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix bears continue to roar about the onslaught of competition the streamer is facing. Streaming clearly reached a tipping point last year and the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the transition from linear TV to streaming TV that co-CEO Reed Hastings predicted several years ago.

23 Jan, 2021 @ 18:00 by Yahoo! Finance

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) came out of the gate strong with The Mandalorian leading its slate of Disney+ originals when it launched in late 2019. The series based in the Star Wars universe helped propel the streaming service to tens of millions of global subscribers. While subscription growth remained strong through 2020 as Disney+ expanded globally, some investors may hold concerns about Disney’s ability to grow its library of original titles for the platform.

Season 2 of Netflix’s “Bridgerton” has been officially renewed for season 2 — and it couldn’t come at a more perfect time for the streaming giant.

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StockJumpers trajectory analysis reveals an initial pop up on the news, but then a sell off and the price moves down. The market reaction may be mixed and the metric being watched is new subscribers (domestic and international). Most analysts are bullish… and there is good news but overall we think it will fall by morning. 

We are biased SHORT on the event.



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