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This stock has been chosen as a JUMP candidate for its upcoming earnings catalyst that is likely to move the stock between 5-20% post release. To conduct further research on the financials, analyst views and pivot points visit the Inside Mole research tool. This report is based on our analysis and opinions and the trade plan is how we intend to trade this event. As a self-directed trader you may decide to take a different approach to this event.  For details on how we trade these events watch the video below. 



Target: Pier 1 Imports, Inc. (PIR)
Earnings Release Date: 4/18/18  (After Market Close)
Position Entry Time: (at or near EOD-end of day)

Pier 1 Imports, Inc. (PIR) will be posting its FQ4-18 quarterly earnings results today at close. [PIR] is expected to post earnings of $.19  per share on revenue of $538 Million.  In the last quarter, the company reported $.09 earnings per share BELOW the analysts’ consensus estimate of $.12  The stock is currently trading at $3.37 per share.

Last 3 Quarters – “Jump Zone” Move:  -31.33%,  -11.33%,  -14.31%
Consensus Estimates: ($.20 whisper) ($.19 estimize) ($.19 wall street)
(** always check in the trade room 30 minutes prior to close for last minute trajectory updates)

1 YEAR CHART (For latest news and analysis visit The Insider Mole research tool)


ANALYSIS: StockJumpers trajectory analysis reveals a  positive market reaction to the news. They may meet or beat on the EPS slightly – but its the fact this stock is so depressed and oversold that would create any pop. We do not think it will sustain, and there is a huge potential for whipsaw on the volatility so we will be extremely cautious with our long play. 

We are overall LONG for the event – but expecting an initial dip prior to or at release. The Trade Room will have updated news and moves.

(Note: This is an after-market release – today)




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How We Find and Trade These Events

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