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STEP 2 – (CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL) is to confirm your email (check your spam folder). The reason we have to do this is part of the rules of email to make certain you authorize us sending you trade notifications, and membership materials. You can change your preassigned password later.

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STEP 3 – (BILLING INFORMATION)  The final step is to provide your billing information (on the secure order), which then opens up your FULL MEMBERSHIP ACCESS. The Membership dues are $25 per month – payable annually for the first year then monthly thereafter (You will have a full 30-days to evaluate the program and receive 100% of your money back if you determine this is not for you). If you want to upgrade to the PRO-TRADER level you will be able to do so immediately when  you receive your Getting Started kit. 

Just finish this final step…

to finalize membership

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Here is a recap of what you will be receiving as a member of STOCKJUMPERS INVESTOR CLUB….  Its a ton of stuff and most of it may not be fully understood until you get started and learn how to leverage the intelligence data. You will be receiving a “Getting Started Kit” in your email that will give you the critical links and information to get things rolling.

What You Will Be Receiving as a New Member

These special 5 bonus reports will be sent after the free trial period.