It's Like Running Your Own High Performance Self-Directed Hedge Fund

We are targeting returns of 250-300% per year for this higher-reward higher-risk wealth acceleration strategy.

The PRO Jumpers Model Fund we trade is a high-reward wealth acceleration strategy that trades catalyst events such as stocks about to release quarterly earnings, that jump (up or down) in price 5-20% within 24 hours after an announcement. Using a proprietary predictive intelligence technology the stock’s trajectory is mapped, and a position entered prior to the event. The fund is able to profit by trading the delta in price post release. The strategy is accurate in the direction calls at least 80% of the time. This is the magic sauce.

This fund trades events both long and short, and exits positions often within 24 hours. Losers are cut quickly while the winners are run to maximize profits. The capital is back to cash and recycled into the next event. The strategy has been trading since 2015 and the performance speaks for itself.

The strategy has a high-risk high-reward profile. Risk management protocols are in place to prevent catastrophic loss however the strategy is aggressive and designed for investors seeking extraordinary profits who understand the risks associated with trading volatility. For details see all “Risk Factors” in the Agreement.

This is a long-short strategy that requires opening a margin account. The frequency of the trades (4 or more) per week requires enough capital so you are not flagged as a Pattern Day Trader and your trades restricted .  The suggested minimum capital is $35,000

Investors can trade these Jump Reports manually or go on full auto-pilot with the new Trade Assist Portal (software bridge) linked to their brokerage account. Each event is published a few hours before the release and you have the ability to select the events you want to trade, as well as dial in your personal risk management settings.

 This is the upcoming calendar of events. To see the full calendar and access individual Jump Reports click here.