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PRO JUMPERS-1 (Manual Trading)

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StockJumpers premier wealth acceleration strategy averages 20 catalyst trading events a month, and can be manual traded in any brokerage account or auto-traded using the Auto-Trade Portal software bridge using our affiliated brokers. For professional self-directed traders with a margin account who understand risk-reward and the nuances of day-trading. (Jump Reports Subscription 99/month – billed quarterly)

PRO JUMPERS -2 (w/Trade Assist Software)

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PRO-2 includes the same daily jump report newsletters as PRO-1 – PLUS the auto-trade capabilities of the Trade Assist Software. Each account comes with a free “Virtual Broker” for paper-trading, and you can connect your Trade Portal to our affiliated brokers for live trading of stocks and options.  (details on Brokerage firms)  (Jump Reports and Trade Assist Subscription – 149/month – billed quarterly.) 


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This is a fully automated trading strategy with a low cost and low risk design.  This is a LONG-ONLY strategy. There are no short trades, so its suitable for a retirement account (IRA, 401k) and is generally set up under a cash account though it can be used with a margin account. (Strategy Fee and Trade Assist Subscription 29/month – billed quarterly. First 30 days are free to allow you time to get set-up and test using the Virtual Broker)