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By Dane Spotts
Tuesday – 2:30PM
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The StockJumpers Strategy Will Make YOU… at minimum 20% Returns
OR –  I Will Triple Your Money Back

Dear Investor and Future Club Member,

What if there was an information collection technology (something beyond AI) that cuts through all the market clutter and allows you to pick stocks that are sure things for making money? And what if your market risk is very small because you are in and out of a trade…in less than 2 weeks pocketing 5-10% profit and then back into the next profit jump?

And better still –  because you are always going long – you can trade these in your retirement account or a small cash account. No margin brokers account needed.

Your ability to pick the right stock plays is critical and made easy, because you now have an intelligence tool that predicts (with uncanny accuracy) the outcome of a trajectory. Impossible? We call it ai2 (Artifical Intuitive Intelligence) and it is a game-changing technology in the world of financial intelligence. 

Let me cut right to chase. No B.S. No hype. This is my offer if you decide to join my StockJumpers Investors Club and deploy our new ai2 predictive intelligence tools:  


I’m confident that you’ll make a whole lot more… (maybe double or triple your money) but 20% is jacks or better and I will back it with my money. Exactly how you will do that   – is what my letter is all about.  Please read it all and let me know what you think – even if this isn’t for you.

First a little background on how this works… and why this is so unique and unlie any other investment strategy ever developed.

Using the StockJumpers ai2 predictive intelligence technology we pick specific stocks that are going to move from 5-20% based on some catalyst event (mostly earnings release news) and by KNOWING the direction in advance we enter positions and capture the profit from the volatility.  These are called JUMPS. We have been doing this successfully for 3 years now (see performance sheets below).

We also trade PRE-JUMPS which are a very small group of stocks (about 2 a week) that will almost ALWAYS go up in price just before a release (3-15%). With PRE-JUMPS you are never in the market more than 2 weeks, and with JUMPS no more than 24 hours.

JUMPS and PRE-JUMPS make StockJumpers members a lot of money (if you understand how to trade them). This is game-changing technology for traders and investors.  To review the latest performance numbers you can click on the link below…

click to expand

Here is how the StockJumpers Trading System works….

We track the stocks about to move through a catalyst event, (like an earnings release) and post the ones we are conducting trajectory analysis studies on. As a member you have access to these picks, but it only starts there. Each Friday we run through thousands of potential stocks with our tools.

Only a handful qualify for a trajectory study. Of those we begin what we call the “PRE-JUMP” processing. We filter out only 2 or 3 that meet the criteria for a move up prior to the catalyst event. We run our AI2 analysis study, verify the trajectory (direction) and rank it A, B, or C as to the probability of profit and then post it in the private member area and send out a Trade Signal to you.

This is what our Trade Signals page looks like… (which as a member you have access to 24/7)

click to expand

Trading PRE-JUMPS  takes less than 15 minutes a week. Our AI2 system provides the entry and exit time and approximate price and all you have to do is follow it and open and close the trades. You may get a Trade Alert (via email or twitter)  announcing we are closing a position early – due to some intervening event, but for most trades we stay on the schedule. We realize you are busy with your life and we only send an alert when there is a serious change in the trajectory that we are taking action on.

The PRE-JUMP trading system is easy to execute, and almost anyone can trade this system with any broker account… All of these picks are BUYS  (long positions), so you can trade them in your 401k or IRA accounts. We expect if you trade all the signals your returns will be about 20-25% a month in net profits.

Listen: If this was all we did for our Club Members it would be awesome enough. Making 20% per month or better in just 15 minutes a week is unheard of as an investment strategy. But this is just the beginning. The big money to be made with this system is in trading the Jump event itself. 

Here’s how trading a JUMP works..


There is a reason why we call our Investors Club – StockJumpers. 

It’s because we are literally trading “stock jumps”. These are the stocks that will move 5-20% in a matter of minutes following a release of their latest quarterly earnings report or some other major announcement. We track these and study them intensely… and more importantly we create a probablity matrix for how likely the stock price is going to JUMP up or down post release.  We publish for our Club Members our Trajectory Analysis Study on the Jump along with our probably of the move UP or DOWN. You as member and self-directed trader have acccess to this confidential intelligence we have collected – and of course can trade it however you like.

This is an example of a JUMP REPORT….

click to expand... this stock moved 20% post release and made members a lot of profit


All that really matters is that you get the direction right more often than not. Currently we are 72% accurate in doing that.  But the real trick is kowing how to mitigate your loser trades (which you will have) and running your winners for max profit. This does require some skill at trading and its why we have TWO MEMBERSHIP plans. One for INVESTORS who operate their StockJumpers membership more as a passive investment and TRADERS who like the jazz and plan to make big bucks trading the data. 

I could go on an on about why this is such a unique and cool thing, but even if you read this far, you want to get to the chase. You can watch a short video here if you like on how to trade Jumps – which for those of you wanting the full-monte and trading jumps for fun and profit can see how we do this. 

Here is the clip from our trading room which records all the jump trades;

Trade Room LIVE May 3, 2017  – TRADING Five9, Inc [FIVN] LONG POSITION ENTRY A FEW MINUTES BEFORE MARKET CLOSE. Also, bonus trades [FIT] and [SQ]. Reached Jump Zones of 18.70%, 19.70% and 12.50%. 

If not – are you be willing to learn how to do this?

As a PRO member of the StockJumper club you get access to this Jump Reports and the Trade Room where each day we meet and trade these events together. Approximately noon each day (assuming there is a Jump) we publish the Jump Report on the stock we have been researching for weeks and ran the trajectory analysis study on. Sometimes we trade last minute events too… which we will post on your daily newsletter. 

When you get a Trade Notification in the morning – it means your Jump Report has been published and is ready for you to download. You go here… to the members center and access your Jump Report data. It will tell you the basic metrics underlying the move that day, but most important is  the “Trade Plan” which is how we are intending to trade it – based on the Trajectory Analysis Study (which we give you).

For many of these events its a simple binary decision. Upon release of the news, the market sentiment will either drive the price UP or DOWN … most of the time far greater than 5%. As much as 20% as you can see in the performance spreadsheets.

We enter a position at the end of day (often just a few minutes before close). If it’s an after market release – this usually means within the next 15 minutes or so (in the aftermarket) there will be a ton of buying ans selling as traders have read the release and are executing trades baaed on the actual release data.

It can be a huge move up or down – whether they missed or beat on the top or the bottom line. EPS (earnings per share) and revenue (sales). They will also state their forward guidance (how they see performing next quarter) which is often the key metric that will cause the stock to move up or down. Meaning, they could beat big time on the EPS and revenue for the current quarter and the stock price could still tank anyway – based on a soft forward guidance. Traders factor in if the stock is over-bought or over-sold and a variety of other metrics which makes up the market sentiment (reaction) to the news. 

This is all part of the Trading business but here is the most important thing you should know as a true Stock Jumper…. 


…getting the direction right

And if we don’t — we adjust quickly and get out or even reverse our position, or wait for a retrace and re-enter a position. There are many ways to turn losers into winners, but I won’t go into it here. We have full day training on the topic which you will be invited to attend. The main point right now, is that we get the direction right most of the time, and for some of these winners it can be huge.

Here are 7 of our biggest WINNING trades in the last 90 days….

NameTarget Co.Direction CallActual MoveJump ZoneWin or Loss5-5 Strategy
Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings IncSPWHUPUP38.00%WIN5.00%
Ascena Retail Group IncASNAUPUP29.00%WIN5.00%
Sarepta Therapeutics IncSRPTUPUP28.19%WIN5.00%
GoPro IncGPROUPUP26.00%WIN5.00%
Ambarella IncAMBADOWNDOWN22.00%WIN5.00%
Blackhawk Network Holdings IncHAWKDOWNDOWN21.37%WIN5.00%
Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.BBBYUP/DOWNUP/DOWN20.40%WIN5.00%

There are hundreds more just like this – on the performance spreadsheets. Trading just one or two of these can result in huge returns… and massive opportunity. 

Our accuracy statistics have averaged 72% WINS in 2017. That is no b.s. It’s real. No fund in the WORLD can match that. So can you make money trading these if you learn how to trade in the aftermarket?  You tell me. The key is knowing how.. as it does require some skill to trade a jump –  and get your exit strategy down… where on the PRE-JUMPS it takes almost no knowledge or effort as you are just following the signal and always going long. 

Of course for our PRO Traders we offer a trading room experience many more Jump Trades and on-going training in trading the nuances which is a continuous learning experience to refine your skills.


The easiest way to get started with StockJumpers is to join the INVESTOR’S CLUB and work your way up to PRO-TRADER once you see how it all works.  The commitment is very small and was designed for part-time trades and getting your feet wet.  You will still make a ton of profit on the PRE-JUMPS and get all trade notifications of the PRO-TRADES but you can choose which ones you want to trade on an ala-carte basis. Again, as a member of the Club you get 100% of the PRE-JUMP trades and all the trade notifications along with training and other benefits.

You can participate in JUMPS but it on a pay-per-view basis. You may only do a handful of these when you want to trade a big name or learn the ropes. A PRO-TRADER is someone who does this on a regular basis and expects to make 20-30k a month from their trading business. 

Regardless of where you where you end up, most new members start out as a INVESTOR and then migrate to a PRO-TRADER once they see how much money they can make and understand whats involved in trading after-market hours.

So exactly what do you get when you register as a STOCKJUMPERS INVESTOR CLUB member?


When you join the  StockJumpers Club – as an “Investor” you get the following benefits as part of your subscription;

  1. Trade Notifications (access to the JUMP ZONE newsletter and calendar of picks we are trading)

  2. PRE-JUMP Trade Signals  (see example)

  3. Special Trading Events (see example)

  4. Pay-Per-View Jump Trades (tickets to trade jumps at 50% discount)

Membership dues are only $24.75 per month payable annually for the first year (quarterly after that). There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you discover this is not for you, PLUS you receive the following bonuses for becoming a member.  (listen to my brief audio clip (below) on why I am adding $2000 of bonus material and how it will help you become a better trader) 

$2000 BONUS

  1. BONUS #1: 2 FREE JUMP TICKETS. ($300 Value) Use these to trade the Jump Report with us and experience the ultimate trading intelligence capability.  Find out more about JUMP tickets

  2. BONUS #2:  JUMP CAMP TRAINING ($1295 Value) learn how to trade jumps, run winners and mitigate losers with this online video training course that teaches you the secrets of pro’s trading the earnings releases and maximizing profits. 

  3. BONUS #3: TRADE OPTIONS SPECIAL REPORT($500 Value) Learn a simple technique to trade Jump Options using the StockJumpers Trajectory Analysis tools, and make upwards up 500% on a single trade.

(listen to my short audio clip that describes these valuable EXTRA bonuses – $2000+ value) 


Ready to register? If you are hesitating… read the success guarantee.


Yep – you read that rjght. First I do understand this is not for everyone, so I get you have try it first to know that it fits you. So, you have 30-days risk free to be a member – and you’ll see how much you can make. If you think its not worth it… let me know and your membership fee is 100% refunded – no questions, … but that’s just the beginning. IF you really do this (trade the signals I mean) – we know you will make money.. a lot of money and we have put up the following TRIPLE YOUR MONEY BACK guarantee for a year. Bottom line – if it doesn’t make money for you… A LOT of MONEY – I will triple your membership after one year. Of course you have to take action, and actually do it, but it will be amazing if you do.  

This may be the easiest and most exhilarating way to make serious extra money than anything you have ever experienced.  Plus you will be learning a valuable skill that you can leverage for a lifetime.

Register right now — and try it for yourself without risk and get these overwhelming profit making tools.

I will see you in the trade room at StockJumpers next jump.

Good Trading & Let’s Make Some
Serious Money Together,

Dane Spotts, Founder & CEO
& a Fellow Stock Jumper

P.S. I don’t mean to sound like a Ginsu knife commercial — but there really is more. Get $30k of FREE Gifts – For Registering Now.. See Below

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This is a radio interview I did about a year ago for StockJumpers, that explains our unique strategy – and why this is so different than your standard stock picking service. 


Phew… and there’s still more. This is an additional incentive to get you motivated and also quite honestly, I want to brag a bit about what our boutique financial intelligence company is capable of…so I published the following special reports for you. These are started as Private Studies we conducted over the last 12 months for hedge funds or very wealthy investors who were looking for a trading edge using our trajectory analysis technology. I redacted the specific client confidential stuff so what you get is mostly the executive summary and conclusions of the study without all the fluff. Some of this is mind-blowing explosive information about future events that will rock everyone’s world… that you can your family need to know. Some of these reports cost as much as $15,000 to produce. Consider them my gift to you. Read the blurb below and if you need more detail – click on the report icon to get the full write-up. Enjoy!  – D.S  (these valuable reports are for new “paid” up members only and will released to you after the free trial period )

Massive Bonus Bribes


Is Gold about to make some major moves? And if it is what do you trade and how can you double or triple your money – by getting in on it. Do you buy the raw stuff, futures, or the miners …stocks. How about the ETFs? and which are the best plays. This very SPECIAL REPORT was commissioned by a large commodities fund who paid us $3500 for the data and to apply or AI2 tool on the GOLD TRAJECTORY over the next 12 months. For you the data is FREE (note: the proprietary parts of the study are redacted to protect the clients interests)

COST: $3,500  – YOURS FREE

A commodities fund commissioned us to do a study on the Gold Trajectory… The Summary is Yours FREE 


A VERY successful FOREX trader (outside the USA) asked us to do a trajectory study on the EURO currency which has been rising a bit of late and the ECB (central bank) has been cutting back on its bond buying which has been propping up this and many other currencies like the Japanese Yen. We worked closing with this client on the crash of the British Pound over the BREXIT vote… which we advised to short while all the big money was long. He made a fortune in less than 12 hours. We see EURO with some simliar issues but its more complex especially whhen traded against the USD. This report reveals the potential outcomes and how to tade with whethere are a spot or forward maket. It’s a bit more complex – but millions are to be made here. (note: the proprietary parts of the study are redacted to protect the clients interests)

COST: $12,700  – YOURS FREE

A currency trader who made a forture trading GBP/USD wanted to know the outcome of the EURO as triggered by the new ECB policy and the timelines for trading it short or long. … Its Yours FREE (private information redacted)


Should you be in cash. What is the Black Swan catalyst that will trigger the collapse of a big stock market bubble. Can the FED control it? What you need to know to survive and thrive – perhaps getting filthy rich when the bubble bursts. What is the smart money doing? Should you follow them – or do your own thing. A wealthy investor paid us for a study on his personal portfolio trajectory and though we cannot give you that info, we can copy you on the macro-view and some of the same advice on how to make money during the inevitable downturn and the triggers that will cause it. VERY informative stuff and must have for ANYONE with long term positions in the markets. (especially pension account which will be the sacrificial lamb).  For you the data is FREE (note: the proprietary parts of the study are redacted to protect the clients interests)

COST: $5,700  – YOURS FREE

Everyone knows we are in a bubble created by the FED giving out free money. Also everyone knows that eventually it will pop. But when? And how can you profit from it… Its Yours FREE (private information redacted)


There are thousands of small cap stocks, some on the mjor exhanges and some on the pink sheets that have the potential to more than triple in proce. We identified 10 of them prepped for Skyrocketing growth in the next 18 months. A $2-3 share price that can easily be $10-15 a year from now. These may be in the bio-tech or even software related industries as we looked at them all. We then ran a study on each of that algo’s picked and voila – I think you will be really happy with what we discovered. Even if only 2 soar and the others flat-line.. this is well worth your effort to investigate.  For you the data is FREE (note: the proprietary parts of the study are redacted to protect the clients interests)


This came from a  StockJumpers member who wanted to find little known stocks that have the potential for huge gains in the coming months. Some are Penny stocks others are solid small caps… ALL are about to skyrocket.. Its Yours FREE (private information redacted)


Huge profits are to be made from the warehouses of paper currency being secretly stored on the Iraqi Dinar. When we got out of Iraq the country was a shambles. The main currency with Saddam’s mug shot on it used to be at parity with the US Dollar, and now trades for less than a penny for a note. So the local people there carry around $100,000 notes just to buy a loaf of bread. The promise is at some point they will collect this paper for new notes at a drastically increased rate of exchange. For some the windfall will be in the many millions of profit. But it gets tricky, not only because of the timing, but they will do it stages and you want to be in the right place at the right time to maximize your cash out. For you the data is FREE (note: the proprietary parts of the study are redacted to protect the clients interests)

COST: $7,500  – YOURS FREE

This was a 2-year project that several different groups have commissioned our technology around for knowledge on the future of the Dinar. It is ready for a major revaluation that will be 10 times value or more. Smart investors have been snapping up the currency and it may be almost time to cash in.. Its Yours FREE (private information redacted)

Terms and Conditions:  See the Agreement

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