“Success in business and life comes from opportunistic bold moves which by definition cannot be fully planned. This is the very nature of trading.” 

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Imagine operating a business where you can take some starting capital, turn a daily profit of 5-20%, and then recycle that same capital again the next day doing the same action, day after day. Some days are losers, some are winners– but at the end of the month you pocket a nice gain.  And the best part – you spend only a few minutes each week operating your unique business, and are entirely back into cash by the end of the week.

How is such a thing possible?  We call it StockJumpers for a reason. We discovered a way to capitalize on the volatility of stocks that are about to jump at least 5% based on a catalyst news event – and we know ahead of time the event is going to happen and precisely when. But more important – we developed a proprietary trajectory analysis/modeling technology that’s able to forecast the direction of the move with uncanny accuracy. Its not perfect, but amazing none the less.

About 95% of the time we focus our technology on stocks announcing quarterly earnings. The reasons?  There are a lot of them to pick from during earnings season, and we can choose only those with the greatest potential for profit. We run our studies on this handful of picks, and only trade those with the highest probability of success.

As a member of our unique and exclusive investors club you’re going to discover how it all works first hand, and be able to deploy our technology as a phenomenal wealth acceleration tool for you and your family.

I should tell you right now however (if you haven’t already figured it out) StockJumpers is not for everyone. It involves risk. And because we are trading highly volatile events – the risk can be substantial. In fact, it may be one of the higher risk-reward trading strategies there is – because we are trading the most volatile stocks. But we love the excitement and the profit potential.

We follow two key principles with our strategies: 1) We are right more often than we are wrong and 2) we run our winners and cut our losers quick.

Like all trading it’s not perfect, and we are not perfect.  But we operate our strategies like a business, not gambling.  There are bad weeks where we are not always on top, but if the strategy is followed consistently – and you stick to the plan, the strategy will out-perform anything out there. And especially in today’s stock market with exploding volatility – both on the way up and the way down. 

We consider ourselves Wall Street “Outsiders” Our members are a special breed of investor/trader that not only have the “stomach for volatility,” but are looking for ways to accelerate their wealth and take control of their life.  

I welcome you to the amazing world of StockJumpers  – Investors Club. Wealth acceleration on steroids.

It’s important that you read all the materials provided in this Getting Started Guide, your Terms of Use Agreement and all the Risk Disclosures before you trade with real money. Below are some important links to help get you started on your path, get the basic training and resources you need to be a successful stock jumper.

PRO-JUMPERS STRATEGY:  Each week we publish a trade calendar where we have sorted through hundreds of company’s  planning to release their quarterly earnings statement. We select those that meet a certain criteria of size, volume  and volatility – with the potential of “jumping” at least 5-20% up or down, after they announce their earnings release. We run a study on this handful of stocks and work probability models on the day of the release. Our main focus is on after-market close releases (AMC) but we do some that are (BMO) before market opens, as well. We publish a “jump report” 3-4 hours before the event and then enter a position a few minutes before markets close.  The company announces in the after market and the stock price jumps up or down based on where it beat or missed expectations and we take profit, most often in the after-market. If we are wrong we get out of the trade or mitigate the loss, and then recycle the capital into the next event.

There are two ways to profit from StockJumpers unique investing/trading strategies;

1.       MANUAL TRADING:  If you are an experienced trader, you may only want to leverage the StockJumpers proprietary predictive intelligence tools and use the reports to enter and exit trades. For you the main resource is just accessing the Jump Reports here…

Published at noon-1pm each day of a trading event, as a PRO-JUMPERS subscriber, you can check in around that time each day, or look at the trade calendar and decide which events you plan to trade. For you its about getting the direction data and analysis along with a trading plan, and then following up.


2.       AUTO-TRADE PORTAL:  For an investor who wants to take advantage of the new Trade Assist features of the Auto-Trade Portal you can subscribe to one of the auto-traded strategies. PRO-JUMPERS-2, CASH COW, BOUNCE TRADER and others give you the opportunity to not have to be glued to your computer to take advantage of the StockJumpers intelligence technology and having to manual trade all the entries and exits. Instead you connect your digital brokerage account to your Trade Portal, adjust your risk management settings and select the events your want to trade and your trade allocation amount. You are in full control and operate the software as a self-directed trader, but with the Trade Assist functions have more freedom to enjoy your day without the stress and anxiety of watching a computer screen.


For details on how all this works and how to set up your Trade Portal you can download Trade Portal User’s Guide here…


It’s important that you read all the Membership materials; (including your agreement and risk disclosures) before you trade with real money. Below are some important links to help get you started on your path.

You should become familiar with your Membership Access and how you login to your protected member account. You were provided with login credentials when you signed up.  Print these and keep them handy.  When you log-in to the private members’ side of the website you will be able to access your Jump Reports and other protected content based on the level you sign up for. 

Log in To Your Member Page and the Auto-Trade Portal

The main StockJumpers website is You can access your member area from the top nav bar there, or you can go to the member log in page here —  If you are not already logged in the page will look something like this… The log-in is up front.

Enter your user name and password provided to you when you registered.  If you do not have this or you cannot see your reports email support at [email protected] or call Member Support at 253.248.6604

Change Your Password and Profile Details

You can change your password anytime by going to the same “log in” area and click on your member account page. It will open your private member account page where you can edit your profile information and modify and update your subscriptions.   

You need a brokerage account to operate from and if you are a manual trader with any of the StockJumpers strategies you can choose from any Brokerage you wish.

If you wish to use the Auto-Trade Portal you will need to get an account with our digital brokerage partner –


Tradier Brokerage has made a special deal for Stockjumpers members to trade commission free on stocks and options. No matter how many trades you make. StockJumpers members save hundreds a month. To link your account with StockJumper Trade Assist Portal you will need to sign up for a brokerage account with this special link (for details on this program click here)



StockJumpers members get UNLIMITED COMMISSION FREE TRADES, that will save you hundreds a month in transaction costs. (There may be small exchange fees associated with trading but the round trip transaction cost is free) 

Click the link – and you will be taken to your account set-up page. The account will take about 48 hours to get approved and then you will be ready to link your account using StockJumpers Auto-Trade Portal software bridge.

At the heart of StockJumpers are the Strategies that you trade leveraging the StockJumpers intelligence tools.

The current strategies we are trading are all auto-trade capable. To read about each system and how they are traded click on the links. 



BOUNCE TRADER (Available Fall 2020)

Again, we must emphasize that it is important that you read all the Membership materials provided; (including your agreement and risk disclosures)

There are 4 things you must do to become a successful StockJumper and maximize your profits running this strategy.

  1. CAPITAL – You must fund your account with enough funds (at least 35k. 50k is much safer) for the PRO-1 traders who plan to actively trade each event – so that you are not flagged as a pattern day trader and restricted. The SEC has strict rules that they enforce on your broker called Pattern-Day-Trader rules and your broker can turn off your account for 90-days if you don’t adhere to these rules. The way to avoid problems if you plan to be an active trader is have at least 35k in your margin account or use a cash account. Make sure you understand this rule before becoming a PR0-1 trader using the StockJumpers strategy. (You may be doing upwards of 5 trades a week- round-trip and you need a non-retirement type margin broker account so you can enter BOTH long and short trades without restrictions)
  1. SYSTEM – trade the strategy with a mechanical trading system. Doesn’t have to be the 5/5 strategy.  It can be something you developed or learned outside of StockJumpers.  Trading this like a cowboy gambler and shooting from the hip – WILL GET YOU KILLED.  Don’t do it.  Have a system. Operate trading like it’s a business, not gambling. Also, realize the StockJumpers data is adjunct intelligence. As powerful as our information edge it’s only an “edge”. You have to use your trading skill and common sense to be successful at this.

  2. CONSISTENCY – Trade each event with the same trade allocation amounts, or if you do decide to change your trade amounts do so for a specific number of trades and measure your success percentage before arbitrarily raising or lowering it. The key to make consistent net profits is allowing the law of averages to work for you. You can only do this with a specific plan, not trading just those stocks you favor, or changing your trade allocations because you lost money the last two trades.


  1. MANAGE EMOTIONS / YOUR PERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY – Your personal psychology has more to do with success and anything else, and it’s usually given the least attention by investors. Fear and greed play a HUGE role in your trading success. You must learn how to control your emotions and treat trading like a business.  There is a lot to learn about this for even the most experienced traders.  We recommend you learn about your personal psychology and how best to deal with your emotions.  For some trading is something they simply cannot do for their own account because of this.  Know thyself and your limitations and get help if you need it.

Everyone wants to make money with as little effort and risk as possible, however making truly big money ALWAYS involves risk and effort.  We will do everything possible to empower you to be successful with our information edge, but remember this your life and your money and no one knows better than you about your personal dreams and goals. It’s up to you to manage it properly.  Let us know how we can do a better job helping you do better. It’s our only mission