“Success in business and life comes from opportunistic bold moves which by definition cannot be fully planned. This is the very nature of trading.” 

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Imagine operating a business where you can take some starting capital, turn a daily profit of 5-20%, and then recycle that same capital again the next day doing the same action, day after day. Some days are losers, some are winners– but at the end of the month you pocket a nice gain.  And the best part – you spend only a few minutes each week operating your unique business, and are entirely back into cash by the end of the week.

How is such a thing possible?  We call it StockJumpers for a reason. We discovered a way to capitalize on the volatility of stocks that are about to jump at least 5% based on a catalyst news event – and we know ahead of time the event is going to happen and precisely when. But more important – we developed a proprietary trajectory analysis/modeling technology that’s able to forecast the direction of the move with uncanny accuracy. Its not perfect, but amazing none the less.

About 95% of the time we focus our technology on stocks announcing quarterly earnings. The reasons?  There are a lot of them to pick from during earnings season, and we can choose only those with the greatest potential for profit. We run our studies on this handful of picks, and only trade those with the highest probability of success.

As a member of our unique and exclusive investors club you’re going to discover how it all works first hand, and be able to deploy our technology as a phenomenal wealth acceleration tool for you and your family.

I should tell you right now however (if you haven’t already figured it out) StockJumpers is not for everyone. It involves risk. And because we are trading highly volatile events – the risk can be substantial. In fact, it may be one of the higher risk-reward trading strategies there is – because we are trading the most volatile stocks. But we love the excitement and the profit potential.

We follow two key principles with our strategies: 1) We are right more often than we are wrong and 2) we run our winners and cut our losers quick.

Like all trading it’s not perfect, and we are not perfect.  But we operate our strategies like a business, not gambling.  There are bad weeks where we are not always on top, but if the strategy is followed consistently – and you stick to the plan, the strategy will out-perform anything out there. And especially in today’s stock market with exploding volatility – both on the way up and the way down. 

We consider ourselves Wall Street “Outsiders” Our members are a special breed of investor/trader that not only have the “stomach for volatility,” but are looking for ways to accelerate their wealth and take control of their life.  

I welcome you to the amazing world of StockJumpers  – Investors Club. Wealth acceleration on steroids.