These are the “Jumps” we are trading today. The number of jumps you receive each day may vary depending on which ones we ran our trajectory analysis tools against.  As a PRO member you will receive an email with a direct link to each jump report page, or you can access those reports (a backdoor) here as well by clicking on the jump report icon below. Please look carefully at the release dates and stock symbols for each report and make certain the time-frame is one you are planning to trade. All of these are produced within only a few hours of the trade, so there is not a lot of time to conduct further research. Some are also last minute based on new intell we have received so the weekly schedule may not always match with what you are receiving last minute.

Note: A BMO (before market opens) trade will most likely need to be opened the day prior to release around the same time-frame as an AMC trade. (After Market Closes) Of course you need to be a PRO member to view these reports, and if your membership is not up-to-date please visit the home-page and get it updated so you can trade these.


For PRO 1 Members – click on the report to access

Jump 1 

APOG 6-24-2015 (1)

Jump 2 

APOG 6-24-2015 (1)

Jump 3

APOG 6-24-2015 (1)



For Pro-Lite Members – click on the report to access


APOG 6-24-2015 (1)

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