Everyone wants to make money the easy way. Without effort. Without risk. It just doesn’t work that way… so get over it. Even though the StockJumpers strategy is amazing it still requires effort and risk to produce results. What doesn’t?

I got a call from a member yesterday who was upset cause he lost money on the RackSpace trade.  (which had an 18% jump zone DOWN after the release – and then retraced). All members who traded it per the strategy made money. When he said he lost money on it…At first I felt sorry for him. Was it a lack of IQ, or just fear-based psychology? StockJumpers called the direction correctly, but he didn’t time his exit – during the aftermarket, and closed-out his position at the worst possible time the next day

Where would you enter and exit this trade?
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I told him to cancel his membership –  that he was not a good candidate for being a StockJumper…and though I was sad to see him go – it was probably for the best. This strategy isn’t for everyone. Those that are used to “buy and hold” will probably take a few months to “get it”. And all of us will lose money on some trades. Its part of a trading business. But what’s really sad is to have some people lose money on the same trade that another trader pockets 15-20% profit on. It is what it is.

Some people are just not teachable because they don’t have the patience to learn and willpower to hang in there. Part of the mind-set of “something for nothing” and the promise of a lazy way to riches has crept into our culture. Those that understand and accept risk and are willing to work the strategy as any PRO trader would (treating trading like a business) – WILL make a ton of money with the StockJumpers strategy. If you are not – you are doing something wrong. Those that don’t understand this premise or lack the sophistication to execute the strategy, will get their shirts handed to them. There is a reason why Goldman-Sachs calls its low-level investors Muppets. Not very kind to say – but probably accurate. We only work with the 1 per-centers or those aspiring to be. If that’s not you… please quit now and get into a mutual fund or T-bills.


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