Trade Plan: SELL / BUY (at market close)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary: Holy Moely. This was a tough trade with conflicting information initially and our data suggested extreme volatility. The trajectory had it dipping slightly before the long play kicked in. It didn’t really dip that must but it was slow to take off and see-sawed before the steady climb  – while traders digested the release. Our jump data was biased on the long side and suggested waiting to enter when the long play direction was clear – which it was a few minutes into the release. For those of you in the Trade Room – we saw us get in about .10 cents into the move up. Though they printed a significant loss (.-12) they still beat estimates by .01 cents (-.13 was analysts estimates). It was the $280 million dollar licensing deal with China that made the price pop. This was clearly a pop and not a drop, and the move was a long play. When you see mixed data like this, unless you are an experienced trader and know how to read a chart its best to stay on the sidelines, even though its tough to walk away from this kind of a profit zone win.

Jump Zone Profit: 51%



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