Trade Plan: BUY before market close.

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary: They reported higher sales (which was good) but much lower profits. The stock price was at big time lows and these guys have great fundamentals and prospects for the future despite oil prices look good so we felt it was good for a 5% pop. We were right but the it was a see-saw ride. Depending on your entry timing, it popped up after release and then tanked in the morning only to recover nicely for an 8% + gain. We are long still on today’s 2nd trade and feel pretty good we can squeeze more out of this one once the players realize how undervalued it is.

Jump Zone Profit: 9.8%
(+ 23% on Trade-2)

UPDATE 2/4/16: We just closed out our second trade on this Jump for a 23% ADDITIONAL profit. Sometimes it justs takes the market a bit longer to react. We think there is even more move in this one – but we are happy with the return in less than 24 hours. (check it out)


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