Trade Plan: BUY (Before Market Close)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary: This was an interesting trade we discussed in the Trade Room. It was a last minute trade and not on our Jump Calendar. Nothing stellar about it – though it was a win, just a slow-pokey one. We called in the trade room as a BUY and I doubt any of the members outside the room even traded it. They beat on the numbers and post release after a little whipsaw it pretty much flatlined until the next day and then began a slow and steady rise.  It was more of a pocket trade and not a big deal – however the lesson here is on some of these – slow and steady wins the race. We would have closed the position had the numbers not been good or if it was too over-bought, but it seemed like it would go the distance so we stayed with it.

Jump Zone Profit: 5.2%

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