Trade Plan: SELL(Before announcement)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary: This was a special event trade. We do these only when there is potential for a big move stimulated by a catalyst event. The ECB and Mario Drahgi did as we forecast and then some and added massive QE and rate cut. It was the long anticipates bazooka blast to the euro-zone and a currency manipulation to hopefully stimulate the economy in a big. Doubtful it will work but what else is left for them to do. Anyway, as we expected upon release the EURO dropped about 175 pips. We were short on this and expected it to hit 108 and it printed just about that – before it retraced an hour or so later. We collect our profit early and any trader that stayed in this dangerous water was sure to drown – because of the nasty current (short squeezes and all).  Its a very manipulated market and its likely to settle back under the 108 support level soon as reality sinks in.

Trade Net: +175 pips  $ 100 a pip (10 lots) =  $17,500 profit  (50 lots = $87,500)

Jump Zone Profit: 20%  (equiv)

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