Trade Plan: BUY  (on retrace)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary:  Click on the chart. The first up arrow is yesterday’s after-market move, and it was a nice 7% jump.. After the market was halted (scroll down to see yesterdays post and check out that wierdness) —  the earnings numbers didn’t just beat – but blew the doors off the hinges. We felt pretty confident this jump had lots more jazz left to play. (Read our Jump Report). So it was a no-brainer for a second dip in the honey money…

Trade #2 turned out to be as good or better…with a skyrocketing additional 7%.  The reason is because now it had momentum and volume to push it. The market goes into a frenzy on momentum trades. Total Jump Zone = 14%.

Listen: Not everyone is going to squeeze all the juice out of the grape…but the idea is when you have a great jump candidate (when everyone else thinks its a dog) and the numbers are this good… you really do have to jump back in and suck out more juice. There is plenty of volume here so why not.  This is why StockJumpers is so good at what we do. Its not JUST the first trade and smart traders who know how to do this can turn losers into winners.

Motto: Keep it simple. Less bullshit. “Real” actionable intelligence.

Jump Zone Profit: 14%

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