Trade Plan: SELL TVIX ~  BUY XIV
(mid-day prior to release)

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Here is the trajectory we published 24 hours in advance:
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SJ--SP500 Model

Here is what happened:
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Commentary: If you are at all interested in StockJumpers Trajectory Analysis technology this is one you ought to study a bit. We predicted this event with extreme accuracy and because these catalysts are so big, and we run the models so many times (to get it right) the accuracy is truly uncanny. We stated (read the report) that the FED would not increase interest rates at this time and is rethinking some of its monetary policy. We predicted that the S&P would get a boost.. and you can see it did immediately following release. The dip is just prior. Our line chart is off by 3 hours due to time zone differences. We are PST time and so we show the dip at 10-11am vs 1-2pm EST.

Here is a video from our trade room with a dozen traders – watching it with the GES and JBL trades…

We are proud of this work and even though from a Traders perspective what only matters is the trade outcome, and the delta was not huge… we are quite pleased with our data and the technology we employ which is constantly being refined. Its better today than 6 months ago and each month we get better and better at it.

Anyway, enough of the commercial here are the Jump Zones we made happen… (both are inverse of each other and ETFs of the VIX.



Jump Zone Profit: 7%



Jump Zone Profit: 5%

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