Trade Plan: BUY (before market close)  SELL (after pop up)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary:  Probably our best call all year. Not because it made so much money, but because it was so interesting how it unfolded. We spent hours in our “war room” pouring over the data and trying to determine how to trade this. We knew the results would be mixed and we got the fact that sales were going to suck…. but a lot of traders missed the pop up. That was a 9% win alone. If you were short and got stopped you were cheated. We played BOTH the long and the short. Read the Jump Report…. you’d think we used witchcraft it came out so perfect. Entry on the short (as per the Trade Room warriors) was in about 11.50 when you knew the pop up was over… the price dropped big in the after market session from there…

Jump Zone Profit:  (long) + 9.2  (short) +10.7%

We don’t normally do so much overtime analysis on a trade, but we felt it was worth it on this one… we were right.

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