Trade Plan: BUY (Before Market Close)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary:  This was whimpy. They meet expectations and there was a small pop up post release but then it retraced. The stock moved up through-out the day from open 5% before close – so most the “good news” was priced in. Regardless it was a whimpy pick and we did not meet our minimum 5% profit target threshold. It goes in the loser column. If you entered a BUY when our report was issued you got your nickel.. if not you got stopped.


NOTE: Next day the stock see-sawed back up 10% and overall we are bullish on the stock and expect it to be trading in the 14-15 range this quarter, but StockJumpers is NOT in the buy and hold business – so I probably should not even comment about the long-term play

Jump Zone Profit: -7.5%

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