Trade Plan: BUY prior to release SELL at top and ride it down

Link to the Jump Report
Here is what happened:
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Commentary: Interesting trade. The entry price was about 108.5. Their release was good and the price popped up to high of 123 which was certainly a nice jump on the long side. Then over night and through the pre-market it fell to a low this morning of 97. A drop of $26 from the high. Was this an easy trade? No. Was it filled with profit. Yes. Our call was the right one (read the jump report) but depending on how you played it – your profit could be as high as 38% (in a perfect world of entry/exit). We were biased on the short side of this trade and felt the better/safer play was to enter after the pops. Most StockJumpers took the 5% on the upside and called it a day.

Jump Zone Profit: 14-38%

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