Trade Plan: SELL (before market close)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary: Read our jump report data – StockJumpers trajectory analysis  reveals ainitial drop on the release though we expected the opposite before we ran our analysis tools. It may be the look forward isnstrong enough to buoy this stockThe delta could exceed 10% and the price action may have some wild moves both ways so exercise caution trading. The stock price was up at one point 6% this morning.  We are short for the event.

We nailed it… it dropped 16% within nano-seconds of the release and then on the retrace we were looking to dip back in – increase our position and SELL more. Why? The news release revealed the CFO had just quit. Not a good sign. Its like watching a plane flying into the world trade center while you are trading Delta Airlines… do you pile on the shorts at that moment?  (any trader would right). When the dust settled  the total jump zone was 22%.  we have to post the recording of this one when it comes it… too good to not see a train-wreck in progress and our StockJumpers members cleaning up on it.

Jump Zone Profit: 21.5%

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