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Commentary:  RH was a great jump today. Whats sad is we did not trade it. We should have.  Instead we traded HP. We normally trade RH as its usually a good jumper..- but this is the new HP’s first report, so our pick department tripped over it. Our bad.

In trading one should operate their business with no regrets as its all a learning experience. Well even though our week has been killer… I have a 5 second regret for not adding this to the trade calendar this week and doing HP instead which so far is a whimp. Oh well.. this game is always a moving parade ~ when one float passes you by, the next one is right behind it.

There is so much opportunity and as a member of our unique club, you can make dump-truck loads of profit and have a lot of fun in the process (if you see it in the right way). If it’s too scary – this is probably not your cup of tea.

Jump Zone Profit: (23.5%  – had we traded it)

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