Trade Plan: SELL (after the pop)

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Here is what happened:
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Commentary: I just wanna yell – —YELP! Truly an amazing day and outcome on this one. They released early by vendor error (*cough *cough) and the CFO quit. The leak came from PR NEWSWIRE which released at around 1:15 and the stock popped up 17%  (maybe the SEC will take a closer look how it happened) and it made everything go tits-a-flutter, (1. 2 million shares in 5 minutes) triggering circuit breakers and YELP stopped trading. When they resumed it began its steady decline to a low of 15.5. Exciting stuff.. but how can you make a profit from it?

Here is how the timeline played out this Monday February 8, 2016…
12:15 EST: StockJumpers published YELP’s Jump Report
1:15 EST: PR Newswire leaks the release
1:25 EST Stock Pops UP 18% (based on better than expected numbers)
1:27 EST CFO announces he is quitting
1:28 EST Stock stops trading
1:35 EST Stock price plummets DWN 19%

People’s heads were spinning except for the professional traders that used the StockJumpers report as a backdrop and shorted the pop.

yelp report

Even we are gobsmacked and we do this every day

Jump Zone Profit: 18%

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