Weekly Recap: 2 Winners – 1 Loser.  Net Gain 13%*.

Three jumps this week. TWTR, YELP, and FSLR.


And their off! Couldn’t have been a better start to the week, TWTR and YELP had Jump Zones of 50% combined! Yes 50! Imagine placing a trade, sitting back, ready for the action, and then in a flash, the dollars fly in, that’s exactly what happened. What a turnaround from last week. We did have one miss this week. FSLR didn’t pan out as we thought.


Here is a recap of what happened…



TWTR – Fell off a cliff! Thanks to an error in the reporting of their numbers being released early the stock plummeted 25% in minutes causing the NASDAQ to halt trading on the exchange. And after that kept falling to almost 30% the following day and then finally finding a support level late in the day.

StockJumpers forecast – we knew this would move down, but even we were not ready for the actions that happened next.  – but no one here is complaining about 25% profit in 2 hrs!

The key to the move with TWTR was the timing in which we said to place the trade (1-2 hrs before market close). If you would have waited until the last min you would have missed this one



What Really Happened





YELP – Another win BIG win. Yelp came into this earning release having lost 12%, 19%, and 21% in the past 3 quarters. It was not now a good day for YELP, but StockJumpers on the other hand was swimming in profit! YELP similar to TWTR fell, and fell fast! 19% initially and continued the drop to 24%. Can you imagine being up 50% in 2 trades…? If you we were a StockJumper the dream would be a reality


StockJumpers Forcast –It seems like market sentiment is familiar with this outcome and though the down move is clear and significant it seems more like a flat sneaker wave that continues to move onshore. It’s like when you know the wave is coming, but it comes further in shore than expected – WOW could it have been more spot on?!?!


What a call and what a win!





Here is how it played out…




FSLR – was our miss of the week, FSLR masive earnings losses, leading to trading to be halted on the exchange and reopened about 8% off the mark. Not a good end to the week but after the previous 2 jumps this miss didn’t hurt too badly.

StockJumpers Forecast — The market reaction may be initially positive and so this is a BUY trade but not for long, as it seems the intimal positive news is followed by short sellers using the opportunity to exit positions the following day.

Though this was clearly a miss because of the stop – the treajectory pattern in uncannlly similar to what really happened




What Really Happened




Let’s see how next weeks jumps perform!


*due to trading being halted on 2 trades gains and losses were not able to follow out 3% SL & 5% TP

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