5 Winners – 2 Losers  (33% Jump Zone). Interesting week… that started well – but ended with our 2 misses. Overall everyone made money if they followed the system.


Here is how it unfolded…

Jump 1

RAX + 7.1%   First trade on Monday after market did an inital move down but not as big as we wanted. We went long right at market close and got our % and it popped. The next day after market opened it fell back significantly.

What we reported

rax 1

What really happened

rax 2

Jump 2

CREE 12.8% This was a typical  drop and did as forecast. The surprise ending was the bounce back the next day – even though they missed their estimates. It was still a solid Jumper and unfortunately we did not trade this over the full 24 hour period as it was an easy one to extract max profit from.

What we reported

cree 1

What really happened

cree 2

Jump 3

FOSL 8.2%  We grabbed the initial spike up within minutes of market close and were out of the trade in less than 15 minutes. This one could have easily been a 2 -trade set up, had we traded short at the top,

What we reported

fosl 1

What really happened

fosl 2

Jump 4

KSS + 11.3%  Solid data and trade outcome.

What we reported


What really happened


Jump 5

AAP + 11.7%  This was a fairly high priced stock – but it did well as we expected and we got the nice up move.

What we reported


What really happened


Jump 6

JCP  -10.29%  Bomb. We had it has an initial down and then up move. Stopped out at 5% on the pre-market spike up.

What we reported

 jcp 1

What really happened


Jump 7

KING -15.0%  Bomb. Stopped out when it failed to make the initial up move.

What we reported 


What really happened


See you on the next Jump!

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