Weekly Recap – 6 Trades Total ( 4 Winners – 2 Losers)  A bit of a strange week – due to the holiday and the markets being upset about Greece and what to do. The DOW went down 6oo points and then back based on which way the Greek winds were blowing that day. This may have had some influence on the jump distance on some of these plays, but for the most part things unfolded as predicted.

Lets drill down and get into the picks and Jump outcome…

Jump 1

MSM 6.5% hit

MSM was a clear hit even though we had a caution recommend due to the Greek madness.

What we reported


What really happened



Jump 2

TCS 9.5% hit. TCS was interesting as one of those dual trade opportunities. The main move was long as we indicated with the big up arrow,  but with an initial down play that traders could profit from trading both directions. Most StockJumpers took the BUY side of the long leg as recommended and were not disappointed.

What we reported


What really happened


Jump 3

SYRG 5% miss

We had the initial move down which it did for about 3% but then popped up for a 5% miss. Too bad.

What we reported

What really happened



Jump 4

AA 4% miss

AA was a clear miss, which may have been due to it being over-sold a bit before the release.

What we reported

What really happened


Jump 5


PSMT 6% hit

PSMT was a solid hit. It moved as forecast and kept going for a nice solid gain. A perfect jump as forecast.

What we reported

What really happened


Jump 6


CUDA 21% hit

CUDA the last and best play of the week, and the gift that kept on giving. It was an instant 11% gainer and then kept moving down for a total play (if you stayed in) of 21%.

What we reported

What really happened



Overall – a very nice week 4 solid hits out of 6 with a net jump zone potential of 34% profit.

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