Weekly Recap: 4 Winners – 0 Losers. Net gain 20%  It was a SWEEP – (to win an overwhelming victory). One word that totally describes the week performance. It was awesome! However there are nuances to the trades. Its not as simple as wham-bam-thank-you-mam… so lets drill down a bit…

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Rackspace Hosting, Inc. [RAX] presented us with conflicting data we had it as a sell. but in our report we said “…the market reaction is not confident post release and so the price falls…we lack conviction in the directional call…”, however some of our members shorted it and it paid off big! With a 16% Jump Zone!


Here’s what we said



What actually happened



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J C Penny Company Inc. [JCP] was little bit of a wimpy play, as it only hit 5 percent before droping off. We always hope for big movers but ill take a gain over a loss any day! The stock followed what we said “…it is likely to pop back from its initial drop due to better than expected news, but not sustainable so take your profit and move on.” We couldn’t have been more right on JCP dropped big over the next few days.

Here’s what we said


What actually happened

Jcp 2

Jump 3

King Digital Entertainment PLC [KING] presented a whipsaw action, were it spiked up before falling a whopping 14%! It may have triggered a stop initially but for those that jumped back in or rode it out – made out like a King time. Not every trade starts out perfect but in the end this one paid off very well!

Here’s what we said


What actually happened



Zillow Group, Inc. [Z] if you got our snap in time and got the green arrow up you got to ride to a nice 5% gain!

What actually happened

King 2

Lets see how next week plays out!

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