Weekly Recap: 4 Winners – 1 Loser. Winning Jump Zone 47%! And the only loser had a 4% range. So a net range of 43% now and that was just one week. High producing hedge funds do 10-15% in a year… That is only one third of this weeks Jump Zone.

Jump 1

TTWO was the first jump on the week and was hit, it took off fast for 7% gain – and for those who stayed for more,  returned a nice range of 14%. Our analysis was…”the market reaction as a long play after its release…may need to build momentum after an initial down move pre-release.” Now that’s how you start the week!



 What we reported

ttwo 1 5-18-2015



Here is what happened

ttwo 2 5-18-2015

Jump 2

CRM was another hit! CRM had a slow rise but had a jump zone of 7%. In our analysis we said…. “may be some downward pressure from the release but overall the market reaction is positive and the price pops…” This was nice play and yet slow it was a nice an easy win.

What we reported

crm 1 5-20-2015

What really happened

crm 2 5-20-2015

Jump 3

HPQ was the last main Jump of the week and our only miss, luckily it was a very small miss with a 3% spike up and then it lingered around the 1.5% range before going back up to about 4%. In the report we said…”pressure mounts on this target and market reaction pulls it down for a short play, but it may rebound quickly and therefore it’s not wise to stay in the trade.” Never what we like to see, at least we spent our  one miss on with a small Jump Zone.

What we reported

HPQ 1 5-21-2015

What really happened

HPQ 2 5-21-2015

SNAP Jumps


WSM was out first SNAP and as you know these are last minute reporters that you need to act on, and fast! We only let you know 12-4 hours  before the Jump and then you only get the report 30-45 min before the event.

On WSM we gave you the green UP arrow and here is what happened…



WSM 2 5-20-2015


ARO was the last SNAP of the week and this is why I love doing this so much! We sent out a red arrow down and within 30 min the price dropped 10% and then dropped another 10%! To yield over 20% Jump Zone.

Here is a time lapse video of what happened.


Overall – 4/5 with an incredible return potential. Keep this action coming!!!

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