We completed 7 Jumps, 4 Winners and 3 Misses  – 8.1% Positive Jump Zone 

Here is how it played out –

Jump 1 -Fastenal Company. [FAST] –  Jump Zone Hit 4.1%

FAST was not a huge mover, it did follow our call and got you close to your 5% TP.
Jump 2 – Linear Technology Company [LLTC] – Jump Zone Miss of 7.8%
We sent out an up arrow on this and miss the call. Not fun to miss seeing how this moved fast to the 5% mark.

Jump 3 – Delta Air Lines Inc. [DAL] – Jump Zone Miss 3.6%
DAL was a up signal, yet we miss the mark. This was a small miss luckily, and some may not have miss much at all. But a miss is still a miss…

Jump 4 – Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc . [FCS] – Jump Zone Profit of 5% and up..
As we said, the events that unfolded before the announcement may have limited the potential for this one to take off. From close it did hit our 5% take profit, it was a tight one, but either way this was a good call.

Jump 5  – Netflix Inc. [NFLX] – Jump Zone Profit of 15.1% and a retrace of 16.5%
What a Jump! Or should I say fall! We sent out a sell order and said  “this may be simply overbought and needs some air let out of it, even though the numbers are good. We are shorting this prior to close today, but will look for the bounce back up as there is still plenty of room for growth.”
We nailed this one.  Our Auto-traders hit there mark in less than 5 min and those who stayed in made big money today.

Jump 6 – Advanced Micro Devices Inc. [AMD] – Jump Zone Profit of 7.1% 
Here was a perfect reason why having an edge is so important. AMD reported a large miss on earnings, yet the stock traded up, hitting your take profit in 10 min!

Jump 7 – Kansas City Southern. [KSU] – Jump Zone Miss 11.8%
KSU a clear bomb…. It dropped like a rock. It was a perfect jumper. Wish we would have got this one right.

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