We completed 9 Jumps, 5 Winners, 3 Misses & 1 No Trade   – 63.1% Positive Jump Zone! 

Here is how it played out –

Jump 1 – Celanese Corp. [CE] –  Jump Zone Hit of 5.3 %

This was complex trade, it was sent out as a possible 2 part trade. In our report we said “an initial up move but its not strong or sustaining.. and it may be the better trade is short at the top of the upper move once it fills the gap at around 65” … So if you went long, you did good. The short didn’t seem to happened this time.
Jump 2 – Sonic Corp. [SONC] – Jump Zone Miss 11.3%
Not a fun one…We got stopped out fast. Not a bad miss it looks like but not a fun way to start the week.

Jump 3 – VMware, Inc. [VMW] – Jump Zone Hit of 23.3%
Another complex trade with detailed instructions, and we nailed it.
“….reveals an overall SELL move but it may pop initially (5% or more as a possible spike up). The pending Dell purchase of its parent EMC (80% owned) makes this a complex catalyst trade with variables other than earnings offsetting the move. On the fundamental side, the product cycle is aging and Dell probably doesn’t care much for their model. A future spin off is unlikely to meet current market valuations. StockJumpers we are only concerned with the 24-8 hour window for a Jump trade – and our trajectory has this as a down catalyst move, but with the potential for the initial spike up as the big market player’s toy with it. Perhaps waiting for the pop before going short may be the more prudent play.”

Jump 4 – Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc  [CMG] – Jump Zone Miss of 8.3%
We missed the mark on this, along with Chipotle not hitting their estimates. The stock traded down about 6% ,rebounded back up 5%, and then down 7%! Talk about a crazy trade. For those traders who waited this out may have limited the loss.
The key is not just knowing how to trade the winners, but how to know when to get out of a miss.

Jump 5  – Citrix Systems Inc. [CTXS] – Jump Zone Miss of 6.9%
We sent out a short on this and missed the mark. Not a huge miss but now one likes missing the mark.

Jump 6 – SanDisk Corp. [SNDK] – No trade
Before we were able to put out our report SNDK, they announced they it was being bought out by Western Digital. The stock soared 19% right of the bat. We had it as an up, but just not in time to grab the profits.

Jump 7 – Pandora Media, Inc. [P] – Jump Zone Hit of 40.0%
We sent out a signal to go short. And wow did we nail it. If you auto traded you were out in 2-5 min, and if you stayed you you might have taken profit at 15, 20, 30% or greater! What a great win to end the week!

Jump 8 – Juniper Networks Inc. [JNPR] – Jump Zone Hit of 6%
We gave you a buy sign. It looked to be a slow mover, but it is still over our 5% mark and looks like it will keep going.

Free Jump Special – Weight Watchers International [WTW] – Jump Zone Hit of 15%
[WTW] was down as much as 16.1% on 10/20/215, down as much as 5.7% on 10/21/2015, equaled to a 20.4% Jump Zone in the 2 days. We said our target was 10% and we did even better than that!
StockJumpers trajectory analysis – reveals that once the hype dies down that the stock will retrace. The question is timing and by how much. StockJumpers began shorting WTW at $19.02 and as of 11:22am EST on 10-21 it’s at 17.41 (8.4% positive trade so far). The profit target is 10% then we will revisit.

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