We completed 8 Jumps, 6 Winners, 2 Misses – 33.3% Positive Jump Zone!

Here is how it played out –

Jump 1 – Cadence Design Systems Inc. [CDNS] – Jump Zone Profit of 9.1%
We said to go long think that it may whipsaw a little at first, but took off for nice profit!…”Though it may be a bit overbought and the market retraces somewhat, the news appears favorable and this one is long play.”

Jump 2 – Rent-A-Center Inc. [RCII] Jump Zone Miss of 29.8%
We sent out a buy signal, and got killed.This one fell and fell fast.

Jump 3 – Panera Bread Co. [PNRA] Jump Zone Hit of 5.1%
PNRA was a WIN, we had it down and it went down but it just took some time to develop. Some of these will not move much in the after-hours and move early the next day.

Jump 4 – Twitter, Inc. [TWTR] – Jump Zone Miss of 13.6%
This was a miss, we got it up and it did go up, but it swung 12% up and down in 1 min. Before it ended up being down. A very hard trade. Whether we said to go long or go short on this it would have been a very hard trade. With the 12%.

Jump 5 – F5 Networks, Inc. [FFIV] – Jump Zone Profit of 11.7%
We sent out 2 possible trades on this…”reveals this trade has potential both ways with an initial up move that turns south as the participants sell off following the good news. This may in effect be more of a short opportunity – so exercise caution – perhaps wait for the move once price action settles a bit.
Based on how you traded this you came out good either way. If you went short right way you make big profits, if you waited and went in after the first drop you still came out great!

Jump 6 – Yelp Inc. [YELP] – Jump Zone Profit of 14.7%
We sent out a buy on this and nailed it!!…”reveals that though the company is troubled and has not fixed its problems investors are more optimistic about the road ahead and makes this a BUY opportunity, though it may not last. Volatility is significant and the bias will be on the up side, but do not hold any positions long term.”
As we said it may not last, As it retraced all the way back down

Jump 7 – Expedia, Inc. [EXPE] – Jump Zone Profit of 21.9%
Not and easy trade, but if you followed the system, and waited it paid off…. and BIG!
“This is a hot stock, but perhaps a bit inflated with expectations so high. We were initially short on the event, however our last minute intelligence has this as positive up move…. but be careful and remain nimble. We will be shorting the retrace.”

Jump 8 – First Solar, Inc. [FSLR] – Jump Zone Profit of 14.2%
We sent out another tough trade, but favored one direction more than the other saying ….”A serious beat last quarter saw this stock soaring higher and there is more good news coming, but we see the balloon losing its hot air. And may drop some initially end of day, Trade with caution.”

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