We completed 5 Jumps, 3 Winners and 2 Misses  – 23.8% Positive Jump Zone! 

Here is how it played out –

Jump 1 – Synnex Corp. [SNX] –  Jump Zone Hit 36.22%

We made StockJumpers history! 36% Jump Zone on on trade! Wow!

We said go short on this. It was down over 5% during the trading session.  And took off after the release.  If you would have traded this with 10K you would have just paid for a full year of StockJumpers. Some people I talk to say they don’t have time or are too busy to trade. If you are too busy to make 30%….all hope is lost…

Jump 2 – Paychex Inc. [PAYX] –  Jump Zone Hit 3.5%

We sent out an up arrow on this. It did go up, but not a ton. About what we expected as we ranked it level 2 on the volatility measure. Overall for the day we did almost 40% not bad for days work!

Jump 3 – Synnex Corp. [SNX] –  Jump Zone Miss 7.2%
SNX a bomb. We said to go long and it dropped 7% after the release. Those who let if ride got out with about a 1-2% miss this morning as it climbed back up from its initial drop. Not a fun way to start the week but time to move on to the next one.

Jump 4 – Micron Technology  [MU] –  Jump Zone Hit of 7.8% 

We reported this as an up and that is exactly what it did. It was up 7.8% with in an hour of close. Nice Jump to add to the weeks growing total.
Jump 5 – CalAmp Corp. [CAMP] – Jump Zone Miss 16.5%
We reported this as a down move, but added that there may be some upward movement at the release and there was upward movement, but way more than we wanted or thought. this one took off for 16.5% after it was on said and down.

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