We completed 6 Jumps, 5 Winners and 1 Miss – 38.6% Positive Jump Zone!

Here is how it played out –

Jump 1 – Men’s Warehouse [MW] –  Jump Zone Profits of 9.6%

Solid Jump… even though they reported late (an hour after close), and it dropped immediately based on the earnings miss as we predicted.

Jump 2 – Pep Boys, Inc [PBY] –  Jump Zone Profits of 7.8%

This went short as predicted. Depending on when you entered you received 5-7% profit.

Jump 3 – Box Inc [BOX] –  Jump Zone Profits of  6.8%
This was a perfect example of why it is important to have a system so you do not short change yourself. Box took its time to follow our analysis. It popped up 4% after the close and then slow began to fall. Hitting our 5% TP early in the trading hours the next day.

Jump 4 – Krispy Kreme Doughnuts [KKD] –  Jump Zone Miss of 19.8%

This was a miss, it would have been a stand out Jump if we had got the correct direction as it took of for a Jump Zone of 19+%.

Jump 5 – Restoration Hardware Holdings, Inc. [RH] – Jump Zone Hit 9.8%
This was long call. It took its time getting to the take profit line, as it fell 3% right away. yet it turned out to be almost a 10% profit for those who stayed in.

Jump 6 – Mattress Firm Holdings Corp. [MFRM] – Jump Zone Profit 24.4%
What a way to end the week! We told you to go short..and wow did it drop! It continued to fall for the rest of day, So for those of you who stayed in, I can only imagine how good that one felt.

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